Collaborate the right way

Collaboration really isn't that hard if you use the right tool. Please let us explain via this blog why we think Driff is the platform for you.

Online collaboration is the pinnacle of modern development in teamwork, with endless potential for team growth. Making the most of your collaborations and hybrid workplace will let your organization grow exponentially.


Remember the old way?
Neverending email chains, your files, projects and people all over the ******* place. Collaborating was tough the old way.

Collaborate the right way
Online collaboration is, or should be, all about connecting people. About building strong professional networks with the ability to launch effective joint workspaces in a heartbeat.

Productivity goes up in an online hub
Driff lets you create hubs for every single one of your projects. Think of hubs as the epicentre of your project. A centralized space that keeps all your project related people, communication and files together, accessible to anyone you invite. Even your client.

Productivity goes up in an online hub
Invite everyone you love to work with to your Driff hubs. Within each hub you can:

    • Ask and answer project specific questions in chat messages
    • Post and reply to project specific messages on the message board
    • Launch video conferences with a single click
    • Share files
    • Assign and cross off project specific tasks
    • And more, much more.

Keep everyone updated
Everyone with access to a hub can easily keep track of the progress and status of each project. Including your client. Our users love this, since it saves them numerous calls, messages and emails with and to everyone involved. 

Work anytime from anywhere
Like it or not, hybrid working is here to stay. Driff lets you stay connected with all your people and projects, wherever you or they are. Through your browser or your mobile device. Even through email notifications in case you find it hard to kick old habits. 

Test-drive your Driff for free for thirty days
Launching your Driff is as easy as fixing your first morning coffee

Get started today and get all the options and free support you need for thirty days. You can discover Driff by yourself or invite yourself to a VIP tour, during which we will answer any questions you may have. 

What if you've just found the right way?
What if, Driff.

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