Driff, a welcome addition to the apps you love to use

Collaboration at it best with Driff, next to Teams & Zoom.

Your Driff was built in close collaboration with end-users like yourself. Business service providers of all sorts, freelancers, staff members at various agencies, students and professors at universities etc. Die-hard professionals who the big names out there clearly didn’t have in mind when they developed their collaboration tools for big brands.

Undoubtedly the biggest issue our users asked us to address was the matter of constantly being forced to work outside their own familiar, safe and comfortable environment. They almost unanimously stated it is hard to keep track of projects, tasks and updates when they are dragged into a ZOOM-meeting at 9, a Teams-meeting at 10 and multiple Slack conversations throughout the day. All while having to upload the results of their work to various Dropboxes and One-drives they have absolutely no control over.

To each their own
Perhaps you’d expect us to bash all the products we just mentioned, for being notorious for dragging users into their own closed-source eco-systems. But we won’t. Because we believe that each of those products does what it says on the tin.

If Microsoft’s Office suite is the best way to go for your organization, you should use it. The same goes for Slack, Monday and any other brand out there. Our job is not to tell you what product you should use or to scream that we’re better than the rest. Our job is to improve your online collaborations. Hence why we have developed Driff based on the idea that everyone should be able to join forces from the respective environment they know and love and works best for them.

Not yet another app, but the mortar between two bricks
Most of our end-users are avid Google Workspace users. Hence why we have seamlessly integrated Google Workspace in Driff. But what if your client prefers Microsoft Office 365 and Teams, rather than Google Meet? In order to schedule a video conference, one of you needs to sign up for and download an app they have no further need for, right? Wrong.

Take it to the bridge
Rather than being ‘yet another app’, Driff functions as a bridge that connects your Google Workspace business with your clients Office365 or Slack-based business. A neutral zone if you will. An online platform that each of you can access from your respective environment, and where you can meet, discuss and share as many Microsoft Word and Powerpoint files, or Google Docs and Sheets, as you want.

The game-changing difference: no sign-up or download required!
What Driff does differently compared to other platforms, is that your client doesn’t have to sign up first or download our app first in order to join your project. Simply invite them by email, and they’ll receive a magic link. Once they click it, BOOM! they’re right there with you in your project-related Driff hub. Where you both can chat, exchange messages on the message board, share files or launch video conferences with as many people as you want, as long as you want. We won’t charge your client, since he or she is your client, not ours. We simply welcome him or her as your guest.

Driff hubs with message boards make all the difference
By inviting your client, freelancers, suppliers etc to your Driff hubs, everyone you work with has the exact same information on the exact same spot at the exact same time. A status update to one, is a status update to all. And since we all know that chat can easily be too limited to share project-specific information, each hub you launch comes with a message board. Message boards are perfect to publish relevant information that shouldn’t disappear in timelines.

Overview and peace of mind on all your projects
Driff makes sure your client no longer has to call or email to request an update. He or she can even check the status outside your office hours or during your day off. And provide feedback that will be waiting for you the next time you open Driff. This is perhaps the main reason project managers at agencies love Driff so much. They save so much time that they actually find time to do what they do best: manage client relationships, so your next project in Driff is never far away.

Want to explore the benefits of Driff yourself?
We stand by our product. So go ahead and test-drive Driff with all the options for 30 days for free. No credit card required and no strings attached.

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