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Too extensive. Too restricted. Too expensive. That pretty much sums up the average user experience for freelance businesses, creative one-man bands and small businesses who test-drive Slack, Microsoft Teams and other well-known communication and collaboration tools. With the introduction of our FREEMIUM plan with free lifetime access, we have lowered the threshold to launch your Driff today even further.

Why Driff is perfect for freelancers
Driff wouldn’t exist without the cry from agencies, educators and small business service providers to come up with a decent European alternative for Big Tech collaboration services. Driff offers all the scalable functionalities you know and need, plus an additional functionality you want. With the ability to connect your Driff with other Driff-users, you can build and grow strong professional networks, stay in touch with everyone you like to work with and launch effective collaborations in a heartbeat.

But don’t take our word for it
Meet Jeroen Meulman, copywriter and owner of TextTown, a one-man text agency in The Netherlands. And an avid Driff-user.

“Truth be told, initially I was reluctant to dive into Driff. I loved the features and the design from the get-go, but did I want to confront my clients to ‘yet another platform’ they were unfamiliar with? Wouldn’t it be wiser to settle for the restrictions of more familiar alternatives? Then again, I had tried them all, and they clearly didn’t work for my type of business.

It didn’t take long for me to realize Driff isn’t ‘yet another platform’. Instead, I consider it a bridge between my Google Workspace environment and whatever environment my clients prefer. Driff enables us to connect our businesses and collaborate effectively, without having to leave our familiar environments and the tools we love to use.”

Before and After
“The build-in network functionality truly was a game-changer for me. I can now reach out to anyone I work with within seconds. Before Driff, I had to sign up for and log on to whatever platform my clients were using. So I constantly switched between ZOOM and WebEx meetings, and my projects were all over the place. I lost count of how many times I was kicked out of Team-meetings because I had exceeded the time limit for free users. A brief conversation with Driff’s founding father Sander Buijs and partner Daan Bemelmans did it for me. These men clearly understand their business. And mine.”

“Nowadays, I simply send Driff invitations to the people and clients I work with. They join the projects they want me to run for them, and the familiar and intuitive user interface enables them to send short messages, join discussions, launch video meetings, share files and provide feedback as if they had never done anything else. And even between projects, they often contact me to drop a quick question. Clients compliment me for running a tight ship rather than being scared off as I initially feared.”

“The big idea behind Driff is genius for many organizations, including small business service providers and freelancers like myself. Google Workspace is where I work my creative magic. My banking and accounting software is where I keep my money. And Driff is where my colleagues, clients and projects are. It’s that simple. I recommend Driff as the sympathetic Swiss Army knife I cannot do without.”

Test-drive Driff for free, no credit card needed.
Stop collaborating the old way and run your projects the right way. Launch your Driff in minutes for free with full functionality.

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About Driff
Driff is an online collaboration network for business service providers who want to connect, communicate and collaborate effectively and build a growing network of long-lasting professional partnerships. Driff works seamlessly with Google WorkSpace, integrates popular third-party apps and is accessible from any browser or through the Driff mobile apps.

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