What if. Driff

Imagine you have everything you need for collaboration in one app. We have got you with Driff.

What if? You can instantly collaborate with anyone in your professional network? Within all the sign up hassle? What if? Driff 

Driff launches effective collaborations with anyone you know and love to work with. I am extremely proud and happy to share this major update with you, and I’m looking forward to connect and speak soon! 

Too restricted, too extensive, too complicated or too expensive. That pretty much sums up the average user experience for most of you, when you test-drive the well-known collaboration platforms out there from all the XXL names. You know who they are. And although their products mostly do what it says on the tin, those same products were often developed with non-European XXL users in mind. That’s a problem. 

The Driff team is a renowned group and fun to collaborate team of experienced people, specialized in intuitive and secure online solutions for businesses like yours. We believe that our reason for existence is to help you develop and grow your business. We add value by continuously optimizing the way the people in your teams communicate and collaborate. Not just within your company, but also with clients and other people in your professional network. 

Many agencies and business services providers have asked us to look into their online collaboration experiences and make it better. Not by reinventing online collaborations as such, but by coming up with a solution that is tailored fit for their type of business, and more affordable. So we sat down and thought: what if? 


Driff offers game-changing collaboration 

Driff is the game-changing collaboration platform, built for all the bold and brave agencies and business service providers out there who refuse to settle. Businesses run by people like you. Ambitious people who are tired of devoting lots of hours and money on something that at the end of the day mostly is a time-wasting, focus-killing compromise. 

At Driff, we enable YOU to run YOUR business and YOUR projects the way YOU want, in any way that works for YOU. Instead of being forced to follow the logic dictated by tech savvy people from San Francisco, who try to suck you into their own ecosystem any chance they get. Without knowing or understanding you or your business. 

Driff is designed and built in close collaboration with end-users

We 💜 technology. But only as a toolbox to unleash the true power of human connectivity. We believe that IT revolves around people, and that you should never be restricted in ways to connect and share your thoughts, talent and creative output with the people around you that you love to work with. 

So we asked agencies and business service providers like you what they wanted and needed. What their ideal collaboration platform would look like. And that’s exactly what we built.

Hence why for our users, Driff is the first app they launch with their morning coffee, and the last one they shut down when closing off for the day. 

The latest release

As stated, we never stop optimizing your user experience. So we have developed additional features to launch efficient collaborations with anyone in your professional network. Additions that guarantee peace of mind, clear overviews and smiles on the faces of everyone involved. 

Your clients are only a click away

All your clients and other connections are now only a click away. Simply send them a magic link provided by Driff, and BOOM!, they’re right there with you in your online WorkSpace. Ready to chat, launch video conferences, share files, provide feedback and stay informed on whatever you’re working on. Without having to sign-up. Let that one sink in. If you have a paid subscription, you can invite as many people as you like. The person receiving the invitation can access your project and collaborate with you for free.  

Make it yours

Your company name is not Slack, Monday or whatever. So why stare at their logo and corporate identity all day? Your Driff comes with all the tools you need to add your logo and change the colors to your corporate identity. And impress all the business partners you invite. 

Speaking of making it yours. We truly put our money where our mouth is. Google Workspace is already seamlessly integrated. Yet one of our clients requested additional team functionalities in Driff for his specific organization. It made sense, so we built it. Try that with your friends in Silicon Valley. 

Would you like the same VIP treatment? Say no more!

Do you wish to integrate additional functionality or connect the applications you need and love to use? We love a good challenge, so let us know and we’ll gladly look into it.

There’s plenty more to say and certainly plenty more underway, including a groundbreaking way to build strong professional networks, where you can grow your business by launching effective collaborations with anyone in a heartbeat. So make sure to put Driff on your shortlist, or even better, launch your Driff in minutes and test drive all the options for free for 30 days. 

Would you like a VIP tour to make the most of your experience? Just reach out to me or one of my colleagues and we’ll make it happen. Let’s meet soon, because we really need to talk.  

See you at getdriff.com

Have a productive day!



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